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I am confident we have the right strategy and a young talented team to digitize your business

Our Story

It all started when we joined Saad Dahlab University of Blida, the roses north city of Algeria. We were passionate about programming softwares, volunteering abroad, discovering different cultures and being creative on whatever we do. We have realized many professional and volunteer experiences among 16 countries which lead us today to launch AYL blog to help and guide business owners reaching their dreams. 

A dream doesn’t become reality through coincidence; it takes self-confidence, sweat, determination, hard work and God blessing. During our academic studies, we’ve created an electronic Curriculum-Vitae to publish our professional career according to a structured norm with the intention of appearing credible, attracting recruiters and maximize our chances to get jobs and opportunities. This idea gave us the chance to get easily accepted in both of local and abroad professional experiences,  recieve calls from entrepreneurs to join their teams, take the advantage of being visible online and market ourselves through socials media.

In addition of that, we had the chance to prove our quality through many projects which helped business owners to digitize their market and achieve their goals.

Nowadays, it is required to digitize your business in order to grow your profit, save your time, increase your sales, minimize your efforts and deals directly with your customers. For those needs, we innovate AYL to make your dream comes true.

A Young Leader

Recognition & Certifications

Few people have the opportunity to work with a person full of joy and constant desire of becoming a better version of himself – but I did when I worked with Raouf Madani. I was particularly impressed by Raouf’s ability to handle even the toughest kids and co-workers. He is a good listener, has great communication skills and public speaking, he knows how to motivate each person and he inspires through his speeches. Raouf is adaptable, resourceful, innovative, highly organized, empathetic and collaborative, friendly and his biggest asset is his willingness to learn.

Cristina Gutue
Former Local Vice President at Aiesec Craiova, Romania

It has been a pleasure to be Raouf's Teammate for one month and half. I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright young person, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of my group. Since the beginning of our collaboration I know him as an generous person. Hardworking is one of the strength points of Raouf.

Derya Kilic
Administrative Assistant at Testups, Izmir, Turkey

I had the chance to collaborate with Raouf Madani, in a volunteer program in Romania. He is a very ambitious and hardworking person. He always wants to lead the team and he likes to help his coworkers. Definitely he is a team leader! I have been inspired by his creativity and the way he finds a solution for every problem. Raouf Madani is the person that I will always want to work with!

Christina Kontogianni
B2B Trainee at Marks & Spencer, Athens, Greece

When I first met Hareth in St. Petersburg I didn’t know who is this person and how he would react in new society. He impressed me with his charming sence of humor and capability to be a friend to everyone.Hareth was always the one who stands for making this project special, because he really solved the puzzle with 9 guys from different countries and different mentalities into a family portrait for the whole life.

Smolina Polina Konstantinovna
Exchange Participant’s Manager at Aiesec Saint Petersburg, Russia


I met Hareth in St. Petersburg during summer 2019 and I can say that he is a great leader. We worked together in a volunteer project, where he did not only organize most of our activities, but made them unforgettable too. He really brings fun, humor and positive energy wherever he goes! It was such a pleasure meeting him as he is so empowering and inspiring!

Franziska Keilmann
mathematics student at Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany

When it comes to stepping out of comfort zone, you can see on his face which shows an individual who is adventurous. The moment he sees something new, he would definitely like to try it. I would say a particular quote "the voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" best describes him in the way he sees universe through the eyes of another during our precious time together.

Naufal Kamal
Former Exchange Participant’s Manager at Aiesec IPMI ,Jakarta


Internation Education Programs

Both of our Youth Leaders, Hareth Snoussi & Raouf Madani, have participated together in many Primary Schools and Collage programs at Warsaw, Poland. They represented the Algerian Community the best representation ever. One of the head teachers, Mrs Barbara, called the Algerian Embassy in Warsaw to thank them having our leaders in her project.


Global Entrepreneur

AYL Co-Founder, Raouf Madani, has successfully completed an AIESEC Leadership Development Experience through a Global Entrepreneur Opportunity in Izmir, Turkey where he created e-commerce platforms that helped business owners to reach their goals and make sales.


Global Volunteer

AYL Co-Founder, Hareth Snoussi, has successfully completed an AIESEC Leadership Development Experience through a Global Volunteer Opportunity in Saint Petersburg, Russia where he taught students on how to use programmation languages to create beautiful websites.

Our Experiences

Zakopane, Poland

Brasov, Romania

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Jakarta, Indonesia

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